Superior Purpose and Principles

Superior Purpose

“We provide access to safer and more efficient transportation, generating progress on rails for Colombia”


Leading Company in world class railway operations which in 2023 will provide timely, safe and efficient cargo mobilization solutions service to all productive sectors in Colombia. Recognized for the excellence of our human resource, always committed to the integral development of the communities, the competitiveness of the industry and the sustainability of the country.


  • Safety: Strengthening of timely risk analysis, generating a culture of self-care and assurance of our operation and the well-being of our people and communities.
  • Respect: Operations performed under the strictest compliance with standards and procedures in an atmosphere of cordiality and solidarity with our interest groups and the environment.
  • Integrity: Responsibility for results, acting with consistency and honesty in search of excellence.
  • Sustainability:Responsible management of renewable and non-renewable resources, which allow us to ensure that productivity, competitiveness and profitability do not go against respect for the environment and the development of the communities surrounding our area of influence.
  • Sense of Belonging:Characterized by our commitment, diligence and timely decision making and meeting objectives.