Train Control System

The operation of the railway section concessioned to Fenoco is controlled through ITCS, which is a centralized traffic control system with virtual signaling and positive control of train speed, the main components and functionalities are described in the items described below.


Principales componentesMain Components
Main Components
  1. Railedge: Software interface of the traffic controllers in the Control Center.
  2. Tetra communications system update to support the ITCS system.
  3. Equipment on board the locomotives.
  4. Equipment installed on the track.
  5. Virtual signage.
  6. Automatic level crossing protection system.
  7. 'Optical Fiber.
Principales funcionalidadesMain functionalities
Main functionalities
  1. Emission of routes and advance authorities from the office to the equipment on board the locomotives. It does not allow conflicts between routes or jobs (human error).
  2. Positions the switches for the train route from the office. Detects anomalies and protects the train and jobs.
  3. Determines Location, Speed & Train Direction.
  4. Guarantees compliance with the speed limit, penalty stop application.
  5. It allows to send several trains in the same direction maintaining safe distances. Protection of train by train track.
  6. Train integrity loss detection. (Detects possible train splits, failures on the onboard equipment and the communication system)